Crop Recording

Record activities on your field quickly and smartly.

Crop Recording

Drawing fields has never been so easy. And recording should be quick and easy. From field to sowing and harvesting. Insight into this data results in better decisions.

Dacom Farms are all different: conventional, organic, nature inclusive, specialising in crops and cultivation systems, little mechanisation or high-tech.

Increase your yield through insight into your crops and fields

Comply with important certifications and obligations imposed by your customer

Work together and share your farm with advisers, suppliers and contractors

Farm sustainably with our environmental tools and undergo an approval check for product use 

Focus on costs and yields with financial overviews and target prices

Improve the logistics and planning of staff and machines

Discover all possibilities

Your own Dacom Farm

With Crop Recording you can create your own Farm on Dacom. You configure what you want or don’t want to record or what kind of notifications you want to receive. You can complete your Farm with pictures in a gallery.

Drawing fields has never been so easy

As a farmer you want to have a grip on all your crops. You want insight into the crop history, growth and status of all your crops. Crop fields form the basis of your Dacom Farm.

Record in the field with our Crop Recording app

Use the Dacom Crop Recording app to record directly on your mobile what you have done while still at work. Quick and easy.

Insight into your recordings and planning, always and everywhere

Properly recording and planning activities on your Dacom Farm is important. Only then will you be able to review and improve your crop choices. We will help you see the bigger picture. 

Approval check for spraying

As a farmer, you are the steward of your land and you want to be careful with the environment. Food safety and the safety term are increasingly important. You will get an overview based on 6 check points for all spraying at your farm.

Send crop recording to your customer digitally

Dacom Crop Recording is perfectly suited to meet your customer’s requirements. This provides an easy way to gain insight into the progress of your contractual agreements. We have created links to most customers.

Working together towards a top harvest

Work together and share your farm with a contractor, adviser or your own staff. Keep a record of who has done what, and you will never lose track of what is going on.

Always insight into the current stock

Find out instantly where fertilisers, plant protection products or planting material has been used, how much has come in and what should still be in the shed. We have created links to the most important customers. 

Comply with certification requirements automatically.

By recording certificates, your reports will meet important certification requirements in the crop farming sector, such as GLOBALG.A.P., Food Safety, Skal, PlanetProof, Demeter and MPS.

A healthy financial basis

Our balance report gives you insight into which crop, variety or field has contributed most to a positive operating result. And the cost structure of all your crops will no longer come as a surprise either: products, fertilisers, planting material, water, mechanisation and contract work.

Insight into your crop with clear reports

It is easy to produce the statutorily required Plant Protection Monitor or an Environmental Benchmark for your customer. Do you want to produce your own analyses? Download your treatments or product use to Excel. 

The correct quantity of nutrients for your crops

Fertilisation is essential for good crop yields and increasing soil fertility. The NPK balance shows you exactly how many nutrients you can still add for your crops. 

Improve soil fertility with soil tests

The soil provides the basis for healthy crops. With crop recording, you can plan specific crop measures to improve soil fertility and respond to the fertiliser standards of the government. We import new soil tests automatically. This means your records are always complete.

Recording faster with machines

You can record even faster and more accurately when using machines. You can link all your machines to a template in advance, so that the most important data of the treatment has been recorded in advance. This applies to, for example, the working width of your spraying machine or the sowing depth or width of your plough. 

Crop Recording Pro

31 month
  • Up to 3000 recordings
  • Dacom Accounts: max 5
  • Up to 300 hectares

Crop Recording Premium

62 month
  • Up to 6000 recordings
  • Dacom Accounts: max 10
  • Up to 600 hectares

Teeltregistratie Enterprise

On Application
  • More than 6000 recordings
  • Dacom Accounts: more than 10
  • More than 600 hectares

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Dacom is now officially CropX!

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