Irrigation Management

Know exactly when, where and how much irrigation is required

Irrigation Management

The available soil humidity has a great impact on your crop yields. A shortage means a reduction in yield. An excess of water costs money and drains away nutrients. Quite tricky. Irrigation Management helps you with smart irrigation.

Ensure you don't start irrigation too late. Be aware of water stress before it becomes visible.

Use your irrigation equipment more efficiently by irrigating those fields that need it.

Irrigate as much as is necessary and prevent wasting fuel, water and nutrients. 

Save time on field visits by viewing soil humidity changes remotely.

Discover all possibilities

Current soil humidity situation in one overview

You will get a useful overview, showing you the current soil humidity situation for all your sensors. And the volume of water you can supplement to field capacity. 

Irrigate differently as a result of insight into soil humidity changes

You want to irrigate on the basis of the shortage in the soil. When water is lost to underlying layers where no roots are growing, you waste fuel, water and nutrients. Insight into changes in soil humidity facilitates smarter irrigation. 

Accurate advice starts with the correct settings

Our depth analyses enable you to view changes in soil humidity and temperature at the different sensor depths even more accurately. You can also see directly for each depth whether you should adjust the sensor settings. You can this so manually or automatically.

Sensor status and sharing

View your sensor on the map to see where it is positioned and what the current status is (e.g. battery condition or the most recently sent sensor data). You can also share your sensor with other contacts, for example your crop adviser.

Irrigation Management

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