Make your agribusiness data driven and focus on data exchange with growers


Make your agribusiness data driven and focus on data exchange with growers. By collecting field information and crop and climate data in a central location, you will get better insight into the cultivation, costs, yield and traceability of crops.

Secure and standardised data exchange between grower and customer, adviser or supplier

Complete data strategy for growers with or without crop recording package (BMS)

Growth options: from basic crop recording to more Dacom advisory services and crop growth model

Insight into crop progress with your own dashboard and reports 

Time-saving API links with own ERP systems

Support with different service levels; journey from helpdesk to customer tailored to your needs

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Management of growers and onboarding to Dacom

With FarmLook, we support inviting growers, Dacom Farm management, linking deliveries for suppliers and contract crops for customers.

Each grower has their own Dacom Farm

We offer a full strategy for data exchange with growers: with or without modern crop recording package. All growers get their own Digital Dacom Farm, with one or more Dacom products. From Crop Recording to the Full Experience. 

A Partner app on Dacom for securely sharing data

The grower always remains in charge of their own crop data. With a Partner app on Dacom, crop data can be securely exchanged between the grower's account and that of the agribusiness partner. Dacom subscribes to the Code of Practice for Data Use in Crop Farming.

FarmLook for food-processing industry

Connection between Dacom and otherbusiness management systems

Growers with a different crop recording package can export their crop data to Dacom. We link to other business management systems for this purpose. We make things as easy as possible for growers. 

Solution for businesses with an international focus

Working with standardised crop data (EDI-Crop) makes it easy to communicate, process and analyse information. Dacom is available in Dutch, English, French, and German.

Monitoring crops and pre-prepared reports

With your own dashboard and detailed tables you can follow the progress of affiliated growers and their contracts. We also have pre-prepared reports in different formats. For all fields or a selection. 

FarmLook for suppliers and advisers

Inform growers with a notification or planning

Partners of Dacom can send notifications to affiliated growers directly, for example to request urgency or to supply specific crop data on time. You can upload a planning in the grower’s account to give advice.

Select the service level that suits you

During the season, we offer different forms of support for staff and affiliated growers, from helpdesk and linking to an account manager to a fully tailored customer journey with a communication campaign. 

Aim for increased yield with the Dacom crop growth model

The Dacom crop growth model shows the crop’s daily growth. The model consists of a growth line with BBCH growth stages and a yield forecast. 

API options for exchange with ERP package

We offer partners different API options on our platform to collect data from us on a one-off basis or realtime. This means work processes can be further automated and data can be processed in your own ERP package. 

FarmLook Essential

On Application
  • FarmLook for suppliers and advisers
  • Inviting and onboarding growers
  • Farms + switch to farm
  • Link for deliveries

FarmLook Professional

On Application
  • For customers with contract crops
  • Inviting and onboarding growers
  • Farms + switch to farm
  • Management of and insight into contract crops

FarmLook Enterprise

On Application
  • For customers who want a more tailored approach
  • Inviting and onboarding growers
  • Farms + switch to farm
  • Tailor-made services

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Dacom is now officially CropX!

You may have noticed: Dacom has officially become CropX. And with this new name comes a new website! Despite the name change, our products and services remain the same! You can still rely on the quality of CropX and easily order our products online in our webshop.

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