CropX acquires Dacom Farm Intelligence

Larissa Hendriks

CropX acquires Dacom Farm Intelligence, creating the most comprehensive crop management platform with international presence.

This third acquisition by CropX within 18 months adds, among other things, advanced crop protection advisory services, 2.7 million hectares under management, thousands of customers, and a European office.

TEL AVIV, Israel, and Groningen, Netherlands - August 10, 2021 - CropX, a global leader in agricultural data analytics, announced today the acquisition of Dacom Farm Intelligence, a leading European platform for crop optimization. With the addition of Dacom's proven crop protection advisory services, CropX now offers the only comprehensive farm management platform with active irrigation technology, fertilizer management, and crop protection features. The acquisition also provides CropX with a new stronghold across Europe, further expanding its global presence.

"This is our third acquisition since the beginning of 2020, as we continue to execute on our vision of offering farmers worldwide the most comprehensive farm management platform. Dacom was the missing piece of our farm management platform - adding an established position in Europe - with over two decades of European crop data - to our global machine learning engines, as well as a crucial component - crop protection advisory services and registration - to our product mix," noted Tomer Tzach, CEO of CropX. "We expect to exponentially accelerate our global growth as we integrate our teams and technologies."

CropX provides farmers with the information they need to enhance sustainability in agriculture - conserving resources while improving crop yields. With proven technology, an extensive partner network, a first-class service model, and a user-friendly decision support platform, Dacom seamlessly fits into CropX's farm management solutions. With an additional 2.7 million hectares under management, Dacom also adds over two decades of in-depth farm data from Europe to its farm management platform. Current customers of CropX and Dacom now have access to a full suite of advanced analytics and automation tools for farm management.

"The digitization in agriculture has exploded in recent years, leading to market saturation; we have reached a critical point for sector consolidation. As the market matures, most companies will fail and be forgotten, while those leading the current consolidation phase, such as CropX and Dacom, will be at the forefront of the digitalization in agriculture and farm management revolution," says Gideon Soesman, co-founder and managing partner of GreenSoil Investments and director at CropX.

With the acquisition, CropX establishes its European office at Dacom's current headquarters in the Netherlands and doubles the size of its global team. Dacom's 3,000 customers, ranging from smaller growers to major market players such as Syngenta, add over 20,000 farms in more than 40 countries to CropX's portfolio. The deal also expands CropX's reach into rainy regions.

With immediate effect, all Dacom employees will join CropX, adding European on-farm and customer service expertise, as well as software and hardware talent, to CropX's rapidly growing global team.

"I'm very excited to be part of the fast-growing CropX business," said Dacom CEO Janneke Hadders. "Our farmers will benefit from the integrated solutions and insights from data analytics and a customer base from around the world. The acquisition strongly supports our internationalization strategy. Our crop protection advisory services will now leverage CropX soil sensor data and help our team address critical challenges for the agricultural community in the Netherlands, the Middle East and Africa, Europe, North America, and Australia and New Zealand."

"The addition of Dacom also strengthens our sustainable agriculture initiatives by adding a new layer of regulatory compliance, soil potential, traceability, and a model for carbon credits. The combined power of CropX and Dacom solutions will help us provide growers around the world with a complete package of data-driven farm management advice," says John Vikupitz, President of CropX. "We are committed to delivering both the most advanced solutions for all critical agricultural insights and the simplest automated platform, minimizing the time and effort growers need. We want growers to work smarter, not harder - their days are already long enough."

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