Returns procedure

CropX B.V. has 2 types of returns: 1. Warranty handling: applies to all products that have become defective within the warranty period and are returned to CropX B.V. to be offered. CropX B.V. reserves the right to inspect all products offered under warranty for damage or other defects. After receiving the defective product, it will be determined as soon as possible whether it is covered by the warranty and how it will be repaired. The right to warranty lapses if defects or damage are, in whole or in part, the result of incorrect use or are otherwise attributable to the customer. If it turns out that the product is not defective, the applicant will pay €75 in examination and transport costs.

2. Repair: applies to products that have become defective outside the warranty period and are submitted for repair. After receiving the return shipment, CropX B.V. a quotation which must be signed for approval by the applicant. If no repair order is made, €75 in research and transport costs will be charged.

The returns procedure applies to all returns. A returns number must be requested for returns. This is possible on working days from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. Please contact us at +31 88 3226600 or After registering the application, the applicant will receive a return form by email with the return number. The returns form must be clearly visible on the outside of the packaging. Returns with an unclear or incomplete form will be refused.

Defective products can be returned by CropX B.V. after the returns number has been assigned. be sent to us. Defective products that are sent without a copy of the packing slip or invoice will be treated as out of warranty. No rights can be derived from the warranty processing on the return form.

Products are returned at the applicant's risk and must be properly packaged for transport. The applicant is responsible and liable for damage and/or loss during transport to CropX B.V..

Before shipment, CropX B.V. determines. how the goods are sent to CropX B.V. are shipped. Costs for shipping repair goods are borne by the applicant. Costs for shipping warranty goods are borne by CropX B.V..

Returns can be sent to; CropX B.V.Warmoltslaan 10, 9752 GR Haren, The Netherlands.

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